The Human Factors of Public Safety Power Shutoff Decision-Making.
IEEE Conference 2022. (view pdf version)

Since 2000, 20 wildfires across CA and CO have been attributed to electrical equipment, causing the loss of over 1 million acres, 32 thousand structures, 159 human lives, and over $14.6 billion to date. Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPSs) are an important tool to reduce wildfire risk. PSPS decisions involve interpretation of multiple data sources that are presented across systems and data-dense displays. Carefully designed decision support displays can help achieve the appropriate balance and meet reporting requirements.

We applied a human centered design process to align PSPS dashboard content and features with end user task needs. End user cognitive needs and task goals aligned through 24 dashboard enhancements in five categories.

Clutter and salience models based on human vision indicate reduction in clutter predicted to make search for information 15% faster. A salience model showed alerts are now more effective at drawing user attention.

Future development includes an integrated emergency dashboard suite leveraging publicly available data, APIs, and web services.

See PDF linked above for additional information.

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