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Applied Cognitive Science, Human Factors Engineering, and Design are disciplines concerned with the interactions of humans with systems. They address human capabilities and limitations in system design, development, and use. PSE brings together specialists from all three areas.
History. Originating to address aviation training accidents in WWII, and then nuclear power control room design after the Three Mile Island accident in the 1970s. Human-automation teaming is one of today’s biggest drivers.
Human factors engineering applies this science to the design of tools, interfaces and processes to improve overall system performance by enhancing user performance and reducing errors.
Human Machine Interfaces are the critical bridges between human users and the systems they work with.

HMI design is a key area where Human Factors Engineering can be applied to improve user and system performance.

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Diversity & Inclusion

At PSE, we make it our mission to celebrate diversity and strive each day to foster a sense of connection and empowerment. As a human factors engineering company, we not only value, but rely on diversity of lived experience to build systems that truly work for our end users. Building teams with a variety of identities, backgrounds, skills, and education helps us create tools that support all humans solving complex problems in real world situations. We actively promote a culture of inclusivity, equality and belonging.

PSE Leadership

Scott Tait
Chief Executive Officer

Ron Moore

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Sweeney

Chief Financial Officer

Maia Cook

Director of Human-Autonomy Integration

Manuela Jaramillo

Director of Knowledge Management and Decision Support Systems

Mary Ngo

Deputy Director of Training Analysis

Heather Oonk

Director of Training Analysis

Cory Rieth

Director of Cognitive Analytics

Matt Risser

Director of Human Systems Integration

Shannon Toftely

Director of Applied Cognitive Systems